He Never Loved Me

Reckless Heart

What the wise doubt, the fool
Who is it, then, that love
-Louise Bogan

He never loved me.
where others saw a nightingale
to him, I was just a fractured claw.
Still, I gave him the gift of song

He never loved me,
yet he came into my life
trumpets blaring, the way
cream falls over coffee
on a cold December morning.

I wanted to compose him in
in sunlight, instead it was
a melody full of rain.
The sound of something injured,.
a sky broken by ash,.
The wind exhaling regret
only hinted of brighter things

He never loved me.
His heart always
lying in the tense past.
which he saw as tender.
Our future nothing more
than stick figures sitting by
nostalgia’s tree. Me grieving
for him. His mind always
on another.

The after…

Nowadays the raindrops have
arranged themselves in
a pattern of forgetfulness
My misplaced heart finding
purchase in a blade of grass
that breathes life into the
whole landscape.
How lovingly those with eyes
open prepare the earth for
love’s sake.

The gentle brush of lips
across my forehead
reminds me that their still
summertime tunes to be sung.
My lungs alive with promise
My ears no longer attuned
to darknesss.

-Tosha Michelle


19 thoughts on “He Never Loved Me

  1. The stanza that starts “nowadays ” is very Whitmanesque. It would stand alone as a very strong and lovely poem, but is so wonderful nestled into the larger context also. Be blessed. Thank you friend. Lona

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  2. You so have a way with words and images. Not for the first time, but I find myself saying among your best work. Your poetry continues to amaze me. Too many great lines to choose just one. Or two. or three.

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  3. Man Tosha! Another brilliant piece. You’ve captured unrequited love so beautifully. I also loved your rendition of Radiohead’s creep btw. I love Radiohead but your raw version gave it this different dynamic. I would love to hear you sing Nutshell by Alice in Chains. It’s a fan request, but it’s up to you.

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  4. Who indeed? Both? Awe, but true fairly tales happen everyday, many last a lifetime, as we’ve publicly seen.
    This is lovely Tosha, so much to take in & so much hope to share. 💖

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