The World I Know 

The membranes of my daydreams
are sliced into many worlds.
I long to unleash their dimensions.
The promise of utopian living
to invoke an idyll spell
at least for another first world poem.
But suffering and tribulations
are found in the universal
truth of things.
There’s a stark depth to our world.
I can write spring but it
still comes out as winter.
I’d like to articulate a carefree
dialogue, but the latest atrocity
played out on CNN worries my brain.
I open my eyes to the truth
and those other dimensions disappear.
There’s no rearranging the clouds.
The wind will still come
rushing through the trees.
The rain relentless.
Still we somehow rise against
the downpour.
Knowing there’s still time to distinguish
between the pellets pinging
against the roof and the air.
We must become a meteorologist
of compassion, benefactors
of the unseen light
while there still time
to change the hour.

Tosha Michelle 


24 thoughts on “The World I Know 

  1. This world and the associated lives and loves cannot exist without rain, wind, winter…, but I think we can find a way to make it tick right along without hate, somehow. So how do we rise against that downpour…? Hmmm, dunno. I guess the cheesy song “Let here be peace on Earth and Let it begin with me”, isn’t perhaps so cheesy (apologies if my choice of adjectives may be seen as casting connotations of low taste or substance toward any member of the dairy industry who are having such a hard time right now – hey, some of my best friends are cheesy)… anyway, this poem is lovely. I think you best captured the irony of contemplating the stark realities of the world from a first world perch when you wrote about absently reaching for a sea-salt caramel while wrestling with the pangs of truth and love (which poem was that? I am having a hard time finding it), but this poem brings us back to the reality that we are all one world, no 1st, no 2nd (what is even the 2nd world anyway?), and no 3rd… in the end we all be weighed in the balance together in that the rain falls on all of us and the same wind binds us all together as it circles and rushes in through the trees.
    Only a some watchful people like yourself can see this, and even fewer, myself included, know what to do about it. (Eagles song reference alert: warning! warning!) “cause there is no more new frontier, we have go to make it here” (Also – Sorry for exceeding the usual allowed quota of parentheses).

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    1. Just think how much better our world would be if we all embraced our inner cheese ball. 😆 Thank you for your lovely,insightful comment. It’s nice walking in the rain with people like you. It makes the storm easier to navigate

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