Woman Child

I’m the woman who believes in thorns,
the beauty of fallen fruit,
and lavishing love on the lovable
and unlovable.

I’m generous, difficult, and incomplete.

I’m emotional, moody and often demanding

I have spells of sullen iciness,
and moments of hot tea and clarity.

I’m the woman who can only be
of this world for moments at a time.
My soul affixed to solitude
and one darkness after another.
When the lights finally come back on,

I confess I like a warm arm around my waist
and a strong shoulder to rest my chaotic head.
I’m also partial to masculine fingers
that know how to coax my color back,
under silk sheets, with creative words,
and hands of purpose.

I’m often confused. Do I succumb
to the screeching crow
or pay homage to the nightingale?

I’m the woman who would go
anywhere to leave you,
but will beg you to come with me.

When we get there, I’ll fight with you
over the map and then kiss you
on the street.

I’m an expert at backbends.
I practice them every night
under memory’s disco light.
I hide an extra heart under my bed
in a packed suitcase of longing.

I’m the woman waiting for good enough
to be enough. Still, always wanting
more of much. Knowing life, like art,
is what we make it.
We all deserve something more than nothing.

I’m insignificant, and at times insecure.
I’m the broken woman.
cracked, bent. Damaged.
I’m the woman becoming whole,
becoming more me with each new break.

-Tosha Michelle


66 thoughts on “Woman Child

  1. Great post … I really love your writing style and the dichotomy and/or duality of people. I won’t assume you are talking about yourself (must be my journalism and editor background). I can definitely identify with the complexities of artistic people though. Keep on writing, you’re a natural.

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  2. Iโ€™m currently driving through the Carolinas on my way home to see my girls. I thought it would be perfect to catch up on some of my favorite words. Iโ€™ve missed your inspiration in my life. I hope youโ€™re doing well!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well It was nice to learn how to sell $45 ticket and make out with women and avoid drugs and judge people, that was cool, like it’s nice to know i can book a sports plex and play music and make $15,000 in a night, that’s good to know, i was a club kid

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      2. yeah me too i went to youth 2000 somewhere and saw dc talk live, i was pretty churched up, i just booked ( awaiting a confirmation email ) a gig at the mad frog in cincinnati for december 1st for my first 2 hour play, in three weeks i do my first play, and i’m apparently going to be an actor / blogger documenting my rise to fame … i was such a church kid nothing about show business is a mystery to me

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