Played Out.


Sometimes all love is,
is weary longing.
Desire that has
worn itself out.
The shuddering of
misfired neurons.
Journeying on the open road
like a rock band
on the last few cities
of their tour.
I remember when I first saw you,
sitting at the coffee shop,
eyes intent on the book
in front of you.
I still see your hands and
the way you held
the novel, and hunger.
Your body like some great map
I wanted to unfold and explore.
And language, this strange
speech that we spoke
in a tongue native
to just the two of us.
Each day, we dreamed a little
more, but its too late now
in this story of a wakefulness.
We came from wine, faltering,
the clutter of bombastic brains,
the tumbleweed of dust on the floor.
We left simmering ash.

-Tosha Michelle

111 thoughts on “Played Out.

  1. Goddamn you WP! I have to converse with the loon now!
    Hi Tosha darling,
    Loved the piece. Enchanting as always.
    Couldn’t like again. WP PLAYING SILLY BUGGERS.

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      1. I didn’t think Brits were into kinky stuff. Learn something new everyday. On that note, I bid you a not so fond farewell. Parting is such sweet joy… A rose by any other name would still have thorns…etc…

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      2. That’s so dumb. Speak American. ha-ha. True story, I overheard this conversation between a Brit and a Southern lady in the store one day. She asked him if he spoke English and American? What the hell? She was serious too. She actually though “American” was a language (when we all know it’s the only language). Ha-ha

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      3. Now tha’s crossin’ a line, lass an’ tha must beware!
        I do giggle when I get told to speak proper English, when I mess with words.
        There’s this ridiculous ideal of BBC English: good afffffternooooon.
        The bastardisation of culture upon culture. The same reason I despise nationalism. Fucking idiots. Haha

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      4. Yes, you do. It’s called my fists. It’s so easy for me to talk like a big man with an ocean between us. Anyway, my little fists and I will serve you up some humble pie later. Tatty bon bon voyage

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  2. This is really good Tosha. Really good. I love how you are telling a story here to express love. But the best parts are the images within the story expressing the journey of love. Well done girl. Well done. By far my fave from you

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  3. I can feel these words, deeply, completely. The language of tongue, “misfired neurons” driven by chemistry. The chemicals between us, those beautiful endorphins stirring of emotions. One heart listening where the other deaf. One love breathing, only to give. The breeze is blowing, winds of change.

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  4. So goddamn beautiful. Your writing drives me to profanity, Tosha.

    And Roxette?……my favorite band from the 80s. I have entire playlist of their music

    “And there are voices that want to be heard…so much to mention but you can’t find the words…the scent of magic…the beauty that’s been…when love was wilder…Than the wind” – Listen to your Heart

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      1. Then we find, yet another thing, that separates our superiority from the “rest”. Lol!!! I promise it’s profanity used in the best possible circumstances. πŸ˜‰

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  5. I don’t know what was more interesting, the poem and your going back to a similar place in your past a time or two that reads real or the witty back and forth between you and a few of your followers. I have had a rotten week and I am glad to see all my pals writing up a storm and sadly in some, feeling a bit sad by Valentine’s Day.

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  6. OH a side note. On the woman asking if someone English spoke American or English. An ex of mine is Kenyan and of course the better areas have British schools. When she first moved here, she was not the first or only to say this, on an application for anything she wrote none of the above. As she said I am not African American I am African and that falls into none of the above. I agreed as I had with friends feeling the same before that said the same.:)


  7. Oh gosh, this is so very true. The fatigue in your words is heavy, just like that worn-out love many of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

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  8. I like how you put ‘technical’ terms into your poems Tosha. Like the neutrons and the chemistry that happens between a man and a woman in the beginning of a relationship. The science of it all. I was reading a book about marriage way back before I even got married (I think it was before. Or maybe at the beginning). It was talking about these ooey gooey feelings that people get. The author was saying that those feelings-like the passion and butterflies last, at the most, two years. Their like the kick-start for a relationship and romantic love. But then love needs to mature, like choosing to love. Like love being a verb. Because those feelings and passion start to come and go. And even the passion is different. I thought that was very interesting. Have you ever heard of the book ‘The Four Loves’, by C.S. Lewis? (so sorry if I’ve asked you this before – hehehe). It talks about the four ancient Greek words there are for love. Like our one english word is so vague. I love my husband and I love ice cream. hahaha. Anyhow, it’s interesting.
    Now that I’ve written a book…. Have a great week Tosha.

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    1. I have. I adore that book and C.S. Lewis. You’re right, love is very much a verb and a conscious act. I believe love can last a lifetime between two people who are well suited and know how to respect and trust each other. Respect is fundamental I think. Passion is lovely and sustainable, but the intensity will ebb and flow.

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      1. Oh great. Yes, respect is sooooo important. And the willingness to not always get your own way, right? Hahaha. Yes, passion is awesome when it ebbs. πŸ™‚
        I’m reading a book right now and there was this amazing quote: “Only God could grace the loving, awkward union of faithful erotic intimacy between a man and a woman with such satisfying pleasure, and provide the hug of a family, schooling, neighborhoods and country for us humans to thrive within.” I thought that was a great quote.

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  9. Here in Provence, it is 2:50 in the morning. I am up. You go rest. And you just miss the last article posted. Heck!
    I’m not suggesting you some coffee … Before sleep …

    Bonne nuitΓ©e…

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