Don’t let the memoirs
of your life
become the journey you
wish you’d taken
No matter how far inland
the air is sugar.
Savor it’s sweetness.

Let the soul gather trinkets,
while there’s still time.
Create your own republic.
Let the moonlight follow you.
Find your huckleberry friend.

Lie down in the tweed of him
Love the wool of him.
Take refuge in the heat
Even if one day it becomes a
spectacular tragedy of ruins.
Believe love isn’t just a conspiracy
There’s always more waiting
around the bend.

After all the poet ask
How many hours do we have
to feel beautiful, to be alive?

-Tosha Michelle


53 thoughts on “Moonriver 

      1. See I knew it! I’m more than just a guy with good hair. I accept your friend request because it wasn’t through FB. We all know that Facebook is Sooo 2005. However if you really want to win me over though, You have to learn the banjo. I have a major soft spot for gospel bluegrass…. However I can’t play it, my muscles in my hands won’t allow me that privilege. When I hear gospel music I am happy and yet sad. Happy because of the songs. Sad because I can’t play music. I’m like David without the ability to play the harp.

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  1. Lovey, in pure wisdom. 💙 it. Been riding the Colorado Rockies for last two weeks. It’s been a dream to grasp. Heading back to the Oklahoman heat in a couple days. Huckleberry freind. I like the ideal of that to. Thanks, Tosha.

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      1. Well let’s just see this. What about the prayer by Andrea Bocelli. In Italian? Can you do it? You would impress this Italian guy to say the least if you did. If needed you could use Google Translator. Of course I’m joking… Have a terrific day and don’t forget to smile a lot.

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      2. You’re a poet right? Here’s a subject for you. Italian Canadians… You are free to use the Google for material as well ask me questions if you must. I cant write because its biased in a bad way. That’s your assignment.. Enjoy thinking outside the box. I know if I wrote it I would rip the culture apart. The Canadiens would beat me over the head with hockey sticks well at the same time Italians would throw tomatoes at me.

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