And the Truth Spills Out

Let’s imagine that
you love me,
and no light can dim,
no faucet can leak,
and no one can take
you away from me.

Let’s imagine you love my risotto
and seared salmon,
and that you drink the wine,
the Scotch, and the tea.
Your eyes constantly on me.

Let’s imagine I’m what you imagine,
and I can cook risotto and seared salmon,
and never let your glass run dry.
All with my eyes on you.

Let’s imagine we had chemistry to spare,
that we are all warm mouths, and entwined limbs.
The eyes of the sun and the mountains.

Let’s imagine we weren’t the long read,
that took moments to unread.
The storm cloud that spilled
from our shattered wine glasses.
The headlights that flickered out.
The seared salmon that went cold,
the burnt risotto in the pot,
the empty glass in the leaky sink.

Now let’s focus on one true thing.
Your lying mouth and treacherous kisses.
The way you hurt me. Your eyes always
on the next best thing.

-Tosha Michelle


45 thoughts on “And the Truth Spills Out

  1. Sounds like a marriage of many years hitting a brick wall causing serous injuries. But after months on life support, the plug was finally disconnected.

    Ellie xo

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  2. Hi! I really adore you not only as an independent woman in our society but someone who’s a role model to me because you always find beauty in everything, you show many that strong is beautiful! I started a diminutive blog, which was inspired by woman like you in the society who strive beyond greatness. My blog recounts my progress and I would love it if you could check it out! If not it’s totally understandable. Thanks anyways for being an inspiration to many!

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  3. Eesh, Tosha – once more you flay the flesh aside and get to the bare bones of the matter. 🙂
    Those words: “the long read, that took moments to unread” – just wonderful.
    Kindness – Robert.

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