Those Three Little Words

Every time love has visited me it has been accompanied by a death spirit. Leaving behind the chill of isolation. Yet, I know I have been blessed to love, to have loved.  After heartache, after lesson learned in tears, the chest becomes less tight, the soreness fades.

I long to look at love in a new way, while standing in its light, to be caught in its sight, to gaze up and see Orion shining.  to be joined in a long continuance. The hard candies of granite and bone. I long to live alongside love in the fervor of hope, in the heard, seen, and finally fathomable power of a soul held in place.

I want to feel the brush of love’s tenderness,  to remember the constellations I once dreamed upon. I long for a vocabulary built on the promise of truth, in a world where I know the language like I know home, residing on a strong foundation that can  prevail in the sweetness of the summer harvest and in the noon frost of winter. 

Give me a love I can dwell in. I’ve had it with uninhabitable beauty. I desire a place thar suits me, a place to rest where I can finally tear the footbridge down

Tosha Michelle


87 thoughts on “Those Three Little Words

  1. Erm, another word for beautiful as those above have used them up…
    A captivating piece, that follows the spectrum of loss and learning the cope, to the turmoil, longing and quiet fury of wanting it to happen once more. And all typically embellished with choice words and great phrasing.

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  2. A new star was born in the depths of the Universe. Appreciate the emotion in this. Love how you still kept hopefully even though its a rather…complicated subject. The sentiments you echo definitely will resonate with many. Stellar my friend, stellar. Have a great weekend.

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  3. Mr Modigliani

    Tosha, I don’t know what to say other than you have the most endearing and tender heart. You have captured in words what so many of us struggle to say.

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  4. What a heart felt and moving piece of writing. I’m sure many have been in this position, but have not been able to portray it so wonderfully, with so many great metaphors tugging at ones heart strings. It could have been so sad, but instead was lively, invigorating and so full of hope, so I am sure a person with such a great spirit and such an interesting person as well, will soon find a great love to go through life with. I could not play the song, as it is not available in our country, due to copyright infringements. Best wishes and blessings, and a big warm hug to get you on your way, Charles.

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  5. It’s gorgeously said but I hope it’s not your reality. I’d kind of hate to think you don’t “feel the brush of love’s tenderness”. You strike me as someone who is far too passionate a soul to not have that “love you can dwell in”.

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  6. wwwpalfitness

    I know you have a past and hopeful, like myself. I believe in kindred spirits and people being aligned for reasons. Not just luck but timing. I think you will be faced with more love soon than can keep you from writing a full post in one draft as you will be constantly in and out with the right person. Within that I feel similar and I have learned to add more prose and language and I think that is a skill, a way of feeling, a way of letting out and a way to be noticed and keep improving. That brings change. I may not be in the best place but it takes one day and one yes. Plus I have great friends here.;)

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      1. wwwpalfitness

        It’s been an interesting day. How about you. Feel free to share. You hold a lot close except a time or two when you posted kids pics and another that escapes me

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      2. wwwpalfitness

        Did you go to the DR ? I would guess you already checked your temp. I had 7 biopsies last week through my gastro tract. No fun plus adrenal gland tumors, ugh

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      3. wwwpalfitness

        I tried to Trump your flu. LOL. On top of everything else I have a very inflamed(for no reason toe that hurts like hell) and I am going to do some walking to get some sun.

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      4. wwwpalfitness

        I hope you do too. As for me it is really a whole lot of symptoms and besides the 7 biopsies I had last week I had mainly highly elevated blood levels indicating tumors in my adrenal glands

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      5. wwwpalfitness

        I will and thank you for subscribing. I am trying to get it moving and adding videos. i would have today but I could not do much and instead made a big mistake.

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      6. wwwpalfitness

        I am trying not to force anything. I wanted Daphne to act like she normally does and she was camera shy. She howls and almost talks at times and I got little. So I know I am in the same boat and will just add as necessary.

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      7. wwwpalfitness

        I wish I had started this with my girl Squirt who was pretty and a serious poser and she unfortunately got hurt, broke ribs by my sister’s husband and she had a normal illness but she could not survive with toxins in her system. She was my last full on pick. I wanted a boy as mine was 19 and shouldn’t have died, long story. But I saw 100s of dogs. She was in a bin with her brother, not facing the door and she banged the hell out of the bin. I went to pick up her brother, she bumped him and jumped into my arms. My younger sister did not know that pets pick people. She understood then. I left without her. My sister said she’s your dog and she sure was. But Daphne hates everyone except me. I bonded with her as she barked and hid behind a couch. I got her, put her inside my shirt and made her walk with me. She got out of my sister’s house as they were negligent another long story. She was gone 2 days. I found her in less than an hour because of our connection

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      8. wwwpalfitness

        I have been trying but I am limited as I was keeping her with me. As I did I was accused of not allowing her to mourn when she did not know what happened to Scooby (he had an upset stomach), so I was watching her. She’d stay in my room happy as can be for 15 hours without a need to go outside. After a couple of weeks she said she i s my dog. When I was paying 60 a month in great food they were community dogs. I am expecting her to hit a shelter as her bf wants her out. So, I have contacted all of them saying I would take her. I do need a new place, need a possible dog allowance. I found a great place by me and they were local but there is 1 place that will help w 1st and security but they need a budget and most of my earnings is cash. So, I am meeting with a rep in a little while to see what they can do. But I have been trying to keep her happy but my sister locks her in the bin for days without a fan and i have to let her out and then get notes saying leave my dog alone. She is basically trying to kill her. If I can get some luck and get out of here I will either take her ASAP or set myself up and then get her from a shelter not near here so I know where she is and not my sister. So I just need some timing and luck:)


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