Moonlight Path

Years later looking back
I wonder if we will remember
the gift of each other we gave
The joy of having a confidant
The late night chats
The times we touched
My touch the touch of a
long view
Your touch temporal
Not the touch of one you
could love for life
Bur one just passing through

Still I thank you for every hour
I hope you’re as happy as
you thought you’d be
Equal we parted
No blade to rib
But a sideways gravity
taking you toward the
vanishing point
I sang for two
The swan note fell from
the sky.
Sand grazed by moonlight
released the last of the light

-Tosha Michelle


22 thoughts on “Moonlight Path

  1. Tosha,

    I think this is beautiful. I did want to say that I noticed over the last year of reading your poetry that you don’t use much punctuation. Often, your poems flow despite not using punctuation, but sometimes I struggle to know when to pause or breath. Of course, it always helps to understand and “feel” anyone’s poetry (even our own) when we read it out loud. This is especially true about my favorite poem of yours: “Old Love Letters.” (I posted it on my blog under the heading “Poems by Others”
    I noticed you smartly used punctuation in that poem. I write a love of “relationship” poetry as well. Please l check out my latest “I Mourn” at and let me know what you think.

    Keep writing. I love your work.


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