You And I

It was under the vodoo of
subtext that i fell under
your spell though you
would swear it went
back to geometry

Those were the nighrs
I felt like a heroine and
woke up branded and burnt
by your imaginary touch.

Then came the time in autumn
when I got caught in your
bramble and found out
you were ready for another

That was the day diction died
We read and spoke no further
You wanted what I could
not be.
I wanted what you could
never see

Still for a time the sun sparkled
over an open river. It beat hard
and true. Your thirst was
sate but yet somehow
not relieved by what you
brought with you.

Now I thank you for the tea, the
gift of your creativity, the
encouragement but let’s
forget the rest.

It was never about love
or soulful things
Although the allure of us
was there
The river turned black
For me there can be
no return

I was heedless of the rain
wild for the promise of your
elixir not knowing how
perishable it was
Now tears escape my eyes
while yours remain dry.

The poems I recited
The songs I sang
were lit by a faulty light
They became cracked things.
Listen as my voice breaks

I hope one day
you regret everything in
your life thar doesn’t
include me.

-Tosha Michelle


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