Face Down 

Lying face down
in gravel.
Pebbkes brusie
my cheeks.
They note what
hurts me best.
Recording my pain.
Gravel my skin
You my heart.

-Tosha Michelle


51 thoughts on “Face Down 

      1. no it isnt tosha. the ugliness of being one only son no love no glove. no hope hard to cope with foul moods. what of lazarus? mary long? tess stinnett? fuck em on nov 5 then!~

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      2. gotta be rules. walls limits. what is ok and what isnt. if youre married or loving someone else then approach with care. words. this is my truth my life. you are welcome but consider this i am outside wide as a mile smile but i want someone like you to be my muse naked from her waist down. have a good good day tosha!

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