Paradoxically is Such a Fine Word.


I’ve been besotted with chocolate.

I’ve been confused
by broccoli.

I’ve been stung by hornets,
but still I stirred the nest.

I’ve tripped over my mangled
spirit walking the narrow way.

I’ve prayed with fervor.
I’ve sinned with grace.

I’ve courted darkness.
I’ve loved the light.

I’ve questioned the sun.
Its answers reflected back
in the hourglass.

I’ve remembered to thank the academy of monotony:
laundry, vacuuming, dusting.

I’ve had it all: the sky, the finicky moon, the unfolded map.

I’ve got lost in a roundabout,
trying to navigate my mind.

I’ve lived well in unsettled hues.

I’ve been Saturday, Sunday,
and Monday.

I’ve tasted ash, eaten roses,
demanded a life of flames.

I’ve been a lunatic and lover.

I’ve been the Patron Saint
offering my protection.

I’ve been Judas,
freely spending the silver.

I’ve nearly drowned in the past’s harsh syllables.

I’ve held a grudge.
I’ve forgiven.

I’ve found a second soul.
I transcribe it in chaos and peace.

My heart circumventing the paradox.

I’ve learned how to rearrange the letters of myself in a sentence that fits.

Casting away yesterday’s syntax.

Coming unmoored.

I move toward clarity’s
swinging door as fast as
a sip through a straw.

I make my getaway.

The quarrel with myself.
I stand at attention,
dust free.

I’ve survived.

-Tosha Michelle


129 thoughts on “Paradoxically is Such a Fine Word.

  1. I love this Tosha You have lived! I can so easily identify with the words! Great track to accompany your masterpiece … here is another track if I may be so bold! Not as spot on as yours but it rings true to me .

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  2. Like a few above I too can identify with the feelings and actions in this great piece of write. Heck you could be describing a part of my life here πŸ˜‰
    Love this write as all of your usual writes in between introspection, caustic and a wane tenderness for all things fragile. xoxo

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  3. Tis the striving of man. A tender reed blown about by changing winds, struggling to remain rooted in stable soil only to have it’s tender green darkened and brittled by time’s passing seasons.
    I adore a good self evaluation. Good write.

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  4. Haha. Yes, the title is perfect for this, as is the video you’ve chosen. Is that a pic of Alannis Moriset?
    Btw, Happy New Year Tosha. I’ve just returned from my travels. I hope you had a good one.

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  5. Here in Provence (Paris time), it’s only 01:30 am.

    I don’t know for your 1st name and last one. Can you tell me ? Help me please. Thanks by advance.

    It’s the petrol crude Wall Street variation’s awake me early…

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      1. Eventually I sought and found. Tisha Michelle because there are many, with some variations. But one writer of poems. What I Like About You Tosha, it is your originality, your uniqueness, your artist side is the meticulous care you bring to every detail. You just gently caresses and delicacy. In fact no boredom. You have managed to get my attention. Bravo !

        See U

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      1. You’re welcome! Really, this piece was extremely unique and it made me ponder quite a bit. Plus, your work and poetry/reading in general help me kind of ‘escape’ from reality in a way. Not that reality’s that bad, but anything that provides a mental vacation so to speak is always a plus. Anywho! Kudos.

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  6. Paradox – a favourite word of mine in certain contexts.
    Try a listen to Bob Dylan’s Most of the Time – if you haven’t done so.
    Then again theres a lot to be said for Rock solid stability.
    Have a sure day. KR

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  7. Great rhythm and sound, you could sing this poem quite easily, I almost did (though probably good that you did not get to hear my effort!), and yes after all that you have survived and created some really good poetry and song on the way. I love many of these lines, many could stand alone as great little poems on their own, encapsulating life’s struggles, pains and triumphs, and maybe one day i will be able to write a great piece like this. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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  8. Wonderful poem… Such a creative idea and good way to play and get along well with words…
    I especially liked this verse: “My heart circumventing the paradox-I’ve learned how to rearrange the letters of myself in a sentence that fits!”. Wishing you the best. Aquileana πŸ˜€

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  9. The daily prompt is “unmoored” – I guess this is how I found this truly wonderful piece. I too nearly fell off my chair when I came upon I’ve learned how to rearrange the letters of myself in a sentence that fits.” Wow!

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