Read All About It.

I long to undress your layers
like pages from a newspaper
until I’m down to last weightless

I want to read the cloud of your
fine print and run my inky fingers
over your columns and creases
until you billow around me like

Count me among your most
avid of readers.

I feed on news of you
until there’s nothing left
but the rustle and feathery
crackles of a newspaper
well loved.

-Tosha Michelle


32 thoughts on “Read All About It.

  1. Love this one!

    Tosha, you are one serious artist! Have you ever been asked to be the featured artist at a gallery? Because you should be earning beaucoup-bucks with your paintings! Paintings to rock stars, music artists, and other artists.

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  2. Been a while since i was on wordpress and i have to say, thank God I’m back. Poems like these just give fuel to my life. Very well written πŸ‘πŸ‘

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