The Poem That Wanted to be a Rock Anthem


I wish this poem was a rock song.
Metaphors on bass
and alluring alliteration on keyboard.
Pumping out an electrifying beat.
Dressed in red lips and tattoos.

I wish this poem was a rock song.
One you could bang your head to.
Groupies hanging out backstage
with the word band,
hoping to get a glimpse
of the rock God
of verse.

I wish this poem was a rock song,
the kind you crank up
to deafening levels.
One that spoke
of anarchy and rebellion.
Wild and unholy.
Flesh stirring.
A shivering kind of thing.

The type of song, you listen to
again and again.
Years from now,
you would take it out
and jam to its nostalgic

I wish this poem was a rock song,
but sometimes you have to sing
the song you know best.
The poet decides to write
a song of herself.
Worried notes that sing
to the solitaires and forlorn.
Their melancholy movement
withholding nothing.
The tea soaked lyrics resonant
in ash and dust.
Drinking up the low pitch
hum of rain.

I wish this poem was a rock song,
but the blues
peel from me instead.
The spirit that I know

-Tosha Michelle


50 thoughts on “The Poem That Wanted to be a Rock Anthem

  1. Home run. I must have read 200 or 250 poems today, (trying to catch up on blogs). This was one of the best. I can’t tell you how much I loved it. What inspired you to write this? This is one of the most creative pieces I have ever read. This Poetess wants to be a rock star. With this poem you SUCCEEDED.

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  2. This was a rock song ๐Ÿ˜€ I enjoyed the upbeat tempo and…of course the groupies, ha! Creative angle for writing this before coming back to the blues…the original source of inspiration for the classic rock gods.

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  3. Bonjour TOSHA prends le temps
    D’aimer,de rire,de pleurer
    De lire , d’รฉcouter l’intelligence
    De penser ,de jouer cela rappelle notre enfance
    De rรชver , surtout de vivre car le temps passe vite
    Et surtout le bonheur d avoir des amis ou amies
    Je te souhaite une belle journรฉe , une belle semaine

    Belle semaine aussi ร  tes amis et amies , ร  ta famille et tous ceux qui de l importance pour toi


    Gros bisous.


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