He Is

He’s what I’m hungry for.
I never could turn off my
appetite by will.
He’s quite beautiful under
the light of my optic nerve.
But hard to read in the
snowy distance.
Still I’m fixed on the
sugar and salt of him.
His way he will have with me.
Soon the wind will blow
determination with the power
of passion and a prayer
and he’ll dress me in sun
or bathe me in rain.
Starry in our film noir
We’ll walk with shadows
in the shape of the sun
and live for a moment
in a moment

-Tosha Michelle 


47 thoughts on “He Is

  1. I like how you write you’re “addicted to the sugar and salt of him.” For some reason,this line makes me think you crave him, can’t get enough, experience withdrawal without him, and absolutely love him. It’s a perfect description 🙂

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