Unseeable World

I am of catastrophic mind,
besotten with the invisible world
where shadows go to hide.
Blue is an alchemy and serenity
scarce. Great sorrows lead
to greater regrets.

From the outside looking in
the window of my world, it would seem
my being has been charmed like
the sky on a sunny, spring day.
Most of my life I’ve taken consuls
with melancholy and consorted with darkness.

Some nights I paint happiness
into the scene, and for a time
the leafless vista is colored
with gold. But soon enough
I’ll drink from the chalice
with the elixir for joy in it.
Stepping over contentment
back into my unseeable world.

-Tosha Michelle


92 thoughts on “Unseeable World

      1. Oh, . . . you really think so? πŸ˜‰

        Hope you’re soon back on the sunny side Tosha XXO

        I meant to say you look so spring-like, but spellchecker keeps interfering in my rhapsody!

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      1. Funny my lil sis says that about me as when she would work at her bar and every female in the place would ask about me. But with the exception of not being in a committed relationship, I am very loyal and one woman is all any man should ever need. A woman can wear a lot more hats than a man can, however at times I set a bar high, no details. But the worst thing my sis would get asked asked as I am 10 years older, she gets asked how much older are you, meaning her? But I like to think I or anyone can bring enough to a relationship, love or not to not need to stray and, unless there are odd fetishes (nada) it is always me being for who I am with. It has been a good minute though. I think you understand. I know you write on the cusp a lot and all, pain or simple thoughts are our minds and we can train them but not fix them the right way:) But me being a hoor, I know a typo by you, I am pretty specific and it used to be where I would meet, then athletic as I was pretty sheltered but I hold some of the old me and a lot of the actual reality into account. I am technically boring as I do not smoke, do not party and drink here and there or fro sleep aid. But that is the skinny:)

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      2. Thanks foe the skinny. Stay old school bur with an open mind and heart. I think that’s the way I am a traditionalist in some ways. I don’r smoke and I rarely drink so we have thar in common too. People always think U’m younger too. My mom looks super young too.

        Just rambling now. Just woke up from a bad dream, still half asleep.

        Happy Saturday


      3. Happy Saturday as well. I know we both are older than we look. By a few years. I keep waking at odd hours since here. It is OK.

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      4. My mom went back and forth. Took a gift of being one of 3 Leukemia survivors with the highest mortality rate within 1 1.5 year time frame and started smoking heavy. She went from looking young to twice her age before she passed

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      5. Yea and last night she got trashed to boot. She was real upset about not having spoke to her son in close to a year, she was dropping me off at the casino and came in and played. I tried stopping her but that was not happening.

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      6. I am going to tey. My job starts Thursday and I need to get a lot done on my own before then, so I have little choice. Pleasantly surprised that I feel OK

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      7. Thank you. It is exciting but I am also concerned. I am going from having all local places in NY, my doctors, my belongings to having 6% of my stuff, getting shuffled around and despite my posts of me doing stuff I am considered disable. i also am considered a physical freak. No matter what shape I am in I do not get a comfort zone with my heart rate and it is dangerous. I have two fractured tibias, 12 slipped discs, 12 tears through my rotator cuffs (5 wrestlers took 6 months off for one partial tear) and my BP can be bad and added is insomnia. So, having how I managed 50 miles on bike in two days I am hurting but recovered. Now I am looking to do 4 days in a row. That is real new to me and learning a new betting system. I am looking forward to it though:)

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