Winter Wasteland 

He’ll always be sixteen below

zero outside.

The bruise left on your heart

from where he kicked it in.

A thousand misplaced socks in

a drawer of regrets.

The wolf scratching at the door.

Hoping one day you’ll become

immune to his candy wrapper

discarded ways.

For now you awake in a nightmare.

face  down in a mineshaft 

 struggling to breathe the toxic air


80 thoughts on “Winter Wasteland 

      1. That’s a deal. It’s in writing so you are contractually obligated to abide by said standard…………..😐

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  1. Wow! Tosha I continue to be blown away by how talented you are! The song & poem were excellent!! I have an old poem called “As Cold As You Are” which “Cold As You” kind of reminds me of. I could feel the emotion behind the song I loved it! It’s a good way to connect with listeners.

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      1. Alison Moyet was quite big over here in the 80’s, I remember working with a girl who was a fan, so I gave her an extra listen and decided she had very good taste! (Thats about as close as I ever came to falling for anyone normal) LMAO – I’m so bloody weird! I don’t know where I get it all from! Of course I regret it all, but thats life! 😉 xx

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