Years Later 

Years later when we meet again.  I’ll see you sitting on what used to be our park bench. You’ll give me that same sweet smile, grimmer now but still so beautiful. I’ll marvel at how I thought once  I could love you. We walk arm in arm for our last dance. We talk of the past and how it can never be taken from us but wonder where do feelings go?

I ask him if he’s happy as he thought he would be and the gleam in eyes and wedding ring tells me he is. For a moment, they are a blade to my rib cage, but then he tells a joke and in that instant. the cut doesn’t feel so deep. We are both here but not here. I confess,  I’d hope he’d see me and be presence with me like he was before, like there was no other woman waiting for him behind a door now closed to me. 

We walk toward the street he lives. I can tell he’s anxious to get home.  He mentions her name. It sounds like the ocean in the creek of my ear. He moves towards his sideways gravity. He’s reached the vanishing point with me. And no, we’ll probably never meet again.  We part with a kiss on the cheek, a barren bow and Goodbye. 

And then there’s the smell of pine trees, damp as if freshly plucked. The cemetery nearby with the dead in it, and rain from the sky falling lile a melody-the affection I had for him/ gone, like a nightingale’s rib cage cleanly picked.

-Tosha Michelle 


73 thoughts on “Years Later 

  1. You selected the perfect song for this prose.

    Tosha, your distinct writing style shines through this piece. “The ocean in the creek of my ear ” and “We part with a kiss on the cheek, a barren bow and Goodbye.” Great signature lines. Full of power and emotion. You have a wonderful knack for setting tone and mood with amazing one liners.

    Then ending this with the cemetery and the cleanly picked rib cage, images conveying dark images of lifelessness with these wonderful metaphors for love long dead.


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  2. Know that feeling. That sense of completion, a final goodbye is often a relief. But I find, often it never happens. And you must take from that someone you don’t know anymore, an apology that was never given. Great piece.

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      1. Your Welcome Tosha. I have a question for you. Would you be willing to let me interview for a biweekly interview series I do on the blog? Let me know. If so, send me an email at and I will attach the writer/poet interview questions. Thanks

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  3. I’ve always figured you are in the same boat as I am. But you had kids? I did not. Though my ex and I do talk from time to time and at lengths and I feel you.

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      1. Yes I have been there. Were you ever in LA or did you just choose that as a name? I know you have a lot of names too:) Not as many killer pics though:):):)

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      2. I have done combinations myself between French and Spanish or Italian in the past. It starts off as a good idea and later things change:)

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      3. I had subscribed to your youtube channel and Daphne is closing in on Tucker:). I also did not know if it was OK to put artist videos on our channel. Is it ok for the channel, vlog or both? I have a lot of the same including New Years Day and some dark stuff like that. I do need to spend a bit of time uploading but was not sure where, it looks like vlogs on yours.

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      4. I will be playing with her in a couple of hours. As far as a playlist is it better in one or both of my channel or vlog and just give it a new name. It was odd as to to how many similar songs we had. Plus listening to you talking is so cutesy:)

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      5. I was out trying to train in this heat and planned to take her. She has a way of barking that almost sounds like a child’s gibberish. I am definitely waiting to get that on record and the last time she met a cat she climbed a 5 foot wall and disappeared 2 days without me being told and I found her 3 miles away in less than 90 minutes. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler and I hope to get something in with her:)

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      6. Well Squirt was phenomenal company. PPL friendly, took her everywhere, work, stores and even movies. An extremely devoted that chose me. I chose Daphne to not bark at me. What was hardest is she can run about 35 mph and has always been partially blind and I would make a whistle or call “run with the dadedy” in the house they’d come flying. I found her after being gone for 48 hours by going up and down blocks by doing that. She is not a playful girl but a much and her Daphne speech I want to get on tape before I am gone from here for sure.

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      7. Until I have to leave. I have thought of sending her to a shelter not close to me and then get a place where I can have her as my sister does not pay attention. She lets her out in an open yard. For some reason she never wanders off but she challenges me and tries to get me to chase her:)

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      1. I was listening to her song “hello” for like weeks.. haha. I was one of those people upset when her tickets sold out before I could purchase one! UGH. I want to see her in concert!

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