I Really Can’t Say


It’s cold out. December.
It must be winter.

We walk hand in hand.
Our coats and scarves
trailing us,
like wedding gowns.

We stop and look
at the mural on the side
of an aging building.
An acrylic deplection
of loss.
Color palate- morose.

It looks like poetry,
not that I dwell
too much on poetry.
I’m too consumed thinking
about the man looking at poetry.

I try and find the right words
to say something profound,
but trip over my tangled
vocal chords.

He watches me like I’m
a secret that won’t tell.
One that he wants to know,
but prefers untold.

He escorts me to my door.
The streetlights take on
the shape of broken hearts.

My mind silently screams “Stay.
We could look after each other.”
My mind could go on talking forever.

Instead, I watch him slowly
fade into a poem
about murals and streetlights
Heartache rolling off
the pen’s tongue.
The poet transcribing her pain
in what she should have said.

-Tosha Michelle

77 thoughts on “I Really Can’t Say

  1. “I try and find the right words
    to say something profound,
    but trip over my tangled
    vocal chords”

    That’s a great line. And oh do I know the feeling. πŸ™‚ You capture it perfectly here. And “Look After You” is a wonderful compliment to your words. I really love this.

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  2. Your words create such powerful visuals. I was breathing slowly and deeply feeling the tension in this moment. I imagine he does want to know your secrets and will return again.

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  3. We write off (litterally) and away those pangs to loosen their grip on us and sometimes we succeed. If not, we write again because sometimes all we have is ink when our lips remain uncomfortably sealed. You’re very right about the what ifs and if onlys. Somehow your poem made me think of the chorus of the song “don’t go chasing waterfalls”

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  4. This is a fabulous poem, an amazing capture of the bittersweet qualities of the human heart. I absolutely love the entire 4th stanza, and especially the following lines contained within it,

    β€œI’m too consumed thinking
    about the man looking at poetry.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Matt. I’m sorry. Have some chocolate on me. Life and love are so messy but there’s a bittersweetness to heartache. It’s painful but it can build character.

      Still when in doubt..pass the sweets I’ll see you at the bakery xx


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