Fill Me Up


Because I’m an empty vessel
waiting to be filled.
I find myself flirting with sin.
I do it by way of pen
and paper. Trying to stitch
love into my lost skin.
I snuggle inside words. Poetry
can’t hurt me the way a
man can. In verse I can build
hope again. Doors open
inside my head. Verbs press
against me, hard and
wanton. I find a sacred niche
between the lines. Here
I take the light. Here it never
darkens or leaves.
Devotion blesses me with sweetness
and excess.
Heaven is found in scenes that are
too scary and loud to live.

I’m an empty vessel.
Romancing myself with
my poetic wooings.
Damming myself to things
conjured, a Paradise
devoid of air, the shadows of
a scarred soul, and the
language of mangled spirit

-Tosha Michelle


86 thoughts on “Fill Me Up

  1. speechless. You have profoundly and beautifully expressed here what I am feeling this day in the life. Yet my words are set in empty air, I seem unable to put them to ink. The headache is the only part you missed. πŸ˜‰ Really lovely poem, Tosha! Bravo! 🌹❀️

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  2. excellent. i like the theological metaphors. the subtle rhyming works well.

    when written? how long re-writing / thinking? did any other poems influence this?

    PS – when you state:

    can’t hurt me the way a
    man can.”

    are you implying that women cannot / don’t hurt? this line could be read as gender put-down…

    i don’t care for the rock music comparisons. or the parallel “famous people” music video links. why not just record this poem on soundcloud or in your own YT “studio”?

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    1. It wasn’t a gender put down. Music is a great love of mine along with poetry, I like to incorporate them both into my blog.

      As for reading my poems, I’ve always been more comfortable with my singing voice as opposed to my speaking voice. Thanks again for your suggestion. I am considering it. Truly. All best,. T.


  3. Oh Tosha. We’re longing to love you, hankering to hold you, craving to kiss you and burning to be with you (I couldn’t find any synonyms that began with ‘F’, otherwise that could have taken a very different turn). Unfortunately, we are very far away and much though we’d like to, we are unable to help in any sublunary way. Nevertheless, we (me and the mice in my pocket) are loving the immaculate beauty of your poetry.
    I wish that I could help you with substance rather than spirit – I’d love to give you a hug right now, stroke your hair for a while and whisper that everything is going to be alright. So sorry – you really deserve so much better than these few words, Tosha.
    Sending you loads of care, strength and good vibes from across the sea.
    Robert the Brit.
    (whispered – everything is going to be alright)

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  4. “Devotion blesses me with sweetness
    and excess.
    Heaven is found in scenes that are
    too scary and loud to live.

    I’m an empty vessel.

    Wow, wow, wow, your words penetrate the light and darkness, indicative of hope and longing and despair. I cannot recall reading anything as bleak as this from you, Tosha. Very, very nicely done! It’s dark, but unfortunately a stark reality for many of us.
    WOW. You leave us breathless.

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  5. No one remembered your name, its as sad and deep as you, wow, I hope one day you will find a bonny fellow that will love you, and will bring the same joy to you as your words do to others, and you will find a man that does not hurt you. Its such a shame that you have been hurt by men. What a powerful poem, and I liked Boston too. Well here’s a special long range hug for you, keep strong, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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  6. This one sounds painful. Poetry replacing, the emotion that would be spent in a relationship. the speaker feels “an empty vessel” and I don’t know why. The thing is to be whole in yourself. Two halves don’t make a relationship but two wholes. So I hope poetry and whatever else, might build her up and fill her. For that is when she will find love.

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