Endlessly Over


Loving him was like all four seasons
in one afternoon.

Clouds became hot air balloons.

An hour seemed like a day,
a day like year.

The sun was changed.
The earth was too.

Even the tides felt the riff.

Only the moon through the magnolias
saw how it would end.

The day that seemed like a year
sinking below the horizon.

What they had indistinct.
The efforts of loving undone.

Clouds in arsenic now.
The seasons burned red.. then out.

-Tosha Michelle


69 thoughts on “Endlessly Over

      1. Well, I have coffee & I haven’t been overthrown by the princesses yet. I think it’ll be a good day. Then again, it’s still early.

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      2. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any of those old ones. I know the references, but have never seen the movies.

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      3. It’s a ridiculous movie where Mr. Depp thinks he’s Don Juan, but he’s in an asylum. Not either of their best!

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      1. Can you give me your cell phone? Just to call God and tell HIM HE lost an angel (that has to work, I know it!!)….actually you are sort of an angel to me, that is your creativity, woman! YouΒ΄re very talented that is for sure
        Almost forgot, I know IΒ΄m sweet baby girl πŸ˜‰ (had to flirt again, canΒ΄t help it)

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