Even The Sky Surrenders


He appears out of nowhere,
the beautiful man in an Italian
suit, shirt open in a sensual V.
His shoes, polished and preened.
His grin speaks of wanton
ways and sultry things.
His lips scream of even wilder play,
a body slow on chiffon pie and E-Z chairs.
Surely he’s the hero of her dream
(at least for a poem).
He sweeps her away with his
immaculate hands, up the stairs
the walls whisper of sin and lace
as he explores the stars and constellations
of her body. Heaven for a moment not
so far lost. The night opening
She endlessly loses herself
beneath his music. His spirit. Her spirit.
Reckless like a full mooned night,
where even the sky surrenders.
Paradise found in crumpled sheets on the floor
and the long dark dialogue of the flesh.

-Tosha Michelle

My cover of “Slave to Love” for Alex


65 thoughts on “Even The Sky Surrenders

  1. You’re quite talented! Your vocals are amazing by the way! If you’re familiar with Alexz Johnson; your voice has a similar feel. I like it! Very nice!


      1. You’re welcome, love. She was on a show called Instant Star but got her start in the last season of a Disney show called So Weird. I think both were Canadian shows but I could be wrong about the latter. Definitely check her out. To be honest I do like your vocals better.

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  2. It’s all sex, sex, sex with you ladies these days. I am truly disturbed by your base needs, rudey dudeygood read, ya filthy beast.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Excuse me, I found this poem on your nightstand next to a pair of handcuffs and a book on bondage. You sir, are one kinky fellow. Although, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned I was in your house. Ummm Yeah. Let’s just forget that part and how I smelled your sheets and stole your hairbrush.

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      1. I thought I could detect your aroma in my bed!! Ya stalking psycho!
        At least wait around for sweet tea next time. Piffle head.

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