And All She Sees Is Him


Oh hell.

Here he comes again.

Just when you quit believing
there was more.

Only neanderthals on hollow horses,
but there he is holding out his hands

Ping goes the heart, and your clothes.

And how you love the tale,
the reveal.

You can’t believe how happy
you are, just to lie in his arms
and debate grapes and math.

And not only does this guy
listen to your prayers,
he actually reads and
loves your poetry.

You live on Chet Baker, and
the occasional sauteed mammal.

You watch Amazon and Hulu,
and wonder how you ever got
by with just cable and a mind
that constantly wandered
to avoid being present.

Now you live in the moment
and don’t care if it’s a cliche.

When you fall apart,
as you are prone to do.
He doesn’t condemn
but feeds you and tucks you in.

And he let’s you see
his weaker side.

Unafraid, you help him
wreak havoc on his demons
by the light of a soulful flame.

Even when things get boring
and stale; he coaxes out fire
with the trace of his tongue
on the nape of your neck.

His gravelly voice crooning
your name in a song, with
sultry blues notes that
only you two know.

You lose yourself in
the subtle rhythm and
(two, four) here comes
the bridge- how you like
this part. Straddling his
his lap. Lying back
and swinging to the heat.

For once in your life you
aren’t afraid to improvise.

Knowing you’ll follow
those high notes
down as far as they can go.

-Tosha Michelle

Listen to “Feels Like Home to Me” Cover by Tosha Michelle 2020 #np on #SoundCloud


91 thoughts on “And All She Sees Is Him

  1. Ah, the perfect man … And then those perfect last lines slamming (if I’m reading this right) down on that perfect dream. Love it, Tosha (also your cover, very pretty). TGIF! 🙂

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    1. Amen sista. It’s been a crazy week. Sending love to you and yours. You need to come back on the podcast. We can just make fun of people. I’m just kidding. Okay, not about you coming back on.


      1. Hey, I know what you mean about crazy, including yesterday’s “Let’s Get Crazy” shocker (still sad). And yes, I’ll come on anytime–I now know how to dial in and everything 😉 Hope your weekend allows you some relaxation, a glass of wine, music, etc. 🙂 Sendin’ good vibes you way, sista! 🙂

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  2. Sounds like an entrancing guy … if he’s willing to read and love poetry, he’s got an open heart. And if he invites improvisation, that’s another thumbs-up for openness.

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    1. Yeah, those type of men are rare. In my world, I always find the logical careers driven types. Highly intelligent, left brainers they have their appeal but there’s something beautiful about a man who understands the depth of words

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      1. That’s a comment I love. To me, climbing the corporate ladder is more stable than striving for a life of creativity, but it’s not nearly as thrilling. But then, I never saw a corner office as all that thrilling.

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      1. What was that?!? Sorry, I think I choked on my soup. I know. I’m trying to figure out how to bring it back. I’m stubborn like that.

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  3. Tosha, nice job once again. Being a male Neanderthal, I was thinking this was going to be a “chick” poem about “love,” but it’s much more. I really like “You watch Amazon and Hulu,
    and wonder how you ever got by with just cable and a mind that constantly wandered to avoid being present.” I always look forward to your poems.

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  4. Oooooo! I hate to say this, because it’s you and you reek of manure and cat piss, but that’s a lovely poem!!!
    What welcoming imagery.
    Ya goon!

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  5. the poem is as always -beautiful and engrossing.

    Need a help. Lost my old blog in a bad bad domain switching attempt. So for now please refollow me by clicking on the pic 🙂

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  6. This just breaks me down, splays me and spreads my insides all over and I don’t mind one bit. Along with your other followers, it is such a joy to witness the loving depth of your artistry

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