When the fever spikes
inside of me,
I long for your body to
sink into mine,
to be open to you,
to revel in my softness
and womanhood.

Other times my desire,
sharper than Jon Stewart’s wit,
makes me wish I could
sink inside of you.
To revel in my power
to be a woman who could
open her man.
No time for satin and frills
Just drive and heat.

Are men and women really so different?

How you love to tease, to
torture, to keep me guessing
just when I’d love to pierce you
to the wall tooth and nail,
look into your eyes and watch
the fever spread.

-Tosha Michelle


69 thoughts on “Fever

  1. Are you shitting me?? Just when I was comfortable thinking I was familiar with your writing style you nailed me to the wall with tooth and nail (and fine lipstick). Damn I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved this. Wow. (Oh, in case you haven’t read it on my blog – I’m leaving stupid comments this week. Beware).

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      1. I’m laughing out loud! Lunacy for sure. I think I asked you before how you looked in an orange jump suit? Remember I’m the friend that’s not allowed to stay for dinner, or the slumber parties. πŸ˜‰ Oh god, I could tell you some hilarious stories. One day girl, one day I will!

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      2. You’re just being kind, ha-ha, we can figure something out. Now you’ve got me laughing, oh memory lane! You were probably better off and definitely wiser to stay on that side of the street. “No running in the hall!” πŸ˜‰ It sure was fun and still is! Yup, I did just type that! Ha-ha!

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  2. Terrific poem, Tosha. Smart and spikey in all the right beats. And I love Peggy Lee’s song and was just listening to it the other day — synchronicity! πŸ™‚

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