Come sit with me where
the world is all warm breeze
and blue birds calling.
We’ll forget the bramble
and the cry of the wild wolf.
Let spring go on and on.
The universe can register
a complaint with someone who cares.
You and I will follow the gumdrop trail,
edged with lace. We’ll disappear
into breakfast at midnight and some delectable sin.
We’ll tango to the radio. Let the fire tag along.
Put on a show for the moon
until everything becomes now,
everything becomes still and we’ll watch
as the night opens for us as lightly
as our ABC’s with not one verb of regret.

-Tosha Michelle

And my attempt at writing a song. This is a work in progress.

Listen to Come Along with Me ( original song) Work in progress by Tosha Michelle 2020 #np on #SoundCloud


79 thoughts on “ABC’s

  1. I coming… I loved hearing you talk as you introduced your song. The sweetest part of home–a Southern girl’s accent! Tosha, all of your poems–hundreds of beauties–are lyrics waiting for your angelic voice.

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  2. Tosha, another really pretty poem. β€œLet spring go on and on” and β€œWe’ll tango to the radio” such fun images, marvelous lines. Plus you used my all time favorite word again, “bramble”! πŸ˜‰ Wonderful writing as always. πŸ™‚ Love your song, β€œCome Along with Me”, you have a beautiful voice! ~ Mia

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  3. Well your poetry always tends to impress me and I could listen to that lovely voice of yours anytime, especially now in the morning while having my coffee or at night with a glass of wine and a fire going, so right there, with your voice, you have me. But the song itself is quite lovely, and yes, a little reminiscent of Norah Jones, but where she tends to slouch into a song, say if we put a physical description to the difference, you tend to lean into the song suggestively coaxing the listener to lean in with you and “come along” for that long ride. I think combining your gift for words/images with your voice can only lead you into another artistic area to explore. And if you ever perform in some venue, you must let us know. I know that I for one, once I’m back in the US, would venture south, north, east or west to see you in the proper setting of a cozy, dark club that serves ice cream so no one makes any noise while you enchant us with your words and voice

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  4. Elizabeth Helmich

    Ok, first of all, I love the poem, very beautiful. Then you throw this song out there, can I sign up to be on you BFF list? Your speaking voice is very sweet, and I do hear the Southern Belle, then you sing, and a whole new world opens up. This is clearly a path you need to follow. You did not remind me of Norah one bit (though I do love her), and I very much look forward to hearing more of you dear. I’ll follow you down that gumdrop trail edged in lace anywhere!!! ❀

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      1. Elizabeth Helmich

        Yay! So thrilled. I am, though very much in need of adult conversation. Talking to myself doesn’t count. Hope you are pleased with your recording.

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