Put It All On.


In my gentlemen’s club
the ladies come out on stage
in baggy sweats and hoodies
then ever so slowly put on
winter coats, boots and mittens.

They grind to the beat of a
girl power song, briefly
flipping off the stripper pole

A big tipper can take
one of the ladies
to the back room
and tie up her boot straps.

-Tosha Michelle

Happy International Women’s Day.


58 thoughts on “Put It All On.

  1. I love this one. Hilariously translating some women’s frustration at the way women are objectivised. Personally I don’t mind as long as the women are actually able to choose between that and another day job but still prefer being a stripper.

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  2. At least they’ll be warm and cozy πŸ™‚ I’d imagine that would be quite different than tottering on insanely high-heeled stripper boots.

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  3. What a brilliant response to ;take it all off’! I love the creativity in this piece but more so the message because there is something warm about lacing up those winter galoshes πŸ™‚

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