I want to change your mind
not who you are.

You, as you are,
is what I want.

See the neon blinking?
There’s no indecisiveness here.

Just a vacancy sign
and a room for you
with my truths and affection

I’m a dime. Merely nothing
One in a dozen of hopeless
souls who hope, hope, mope, I.

-Tosha Michelle


66 thoughts on “Vacancy

  1. Very interesting as a dime can be very little as in a dime a dozen, or to some it is everything they may want in a person. Very nicely subliminal and wonjderful:)

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      1. So do I. Now I can hopefully start that manuscript, unless I get lucks and get a local coaching job. I called a bit late today for most schools.

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  2. You’re definitely not a common soul and are priceless as said others. Your poetry is always so heartfelt and heartwarming. I don’t know if this is reality or just poetic licence but if it is reality, he would have to be a hard hearted bum not to yield πŸ˜€
    Just a thought, if you want to change his mind, you actually want to change him :D, unless you want him to change his mind as in agree while he was refusing earlier πŸ™‚ Good luck if it is reality. Much love to you. xoxo

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      1. Thank you. In the middle of a move. The movers come on Monday. Hopefully, by Tuesday life will calm back down some. I am very much a creature of habit so feeling more than a little unsettled at the moment. xx

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