He gives me a love story
for the underworld.

A tale with holes in the
pockets, and cracked mirrors

Serenades me with songs that
could kill spiders in frequency.

Revealing ardor distilled.
Solid? Vapor?

He forges a bridge,
spins me around.

I find breath in the
centripetal force.

We’re always lost somewhere
between either and neither,
between criss and cross

He jumps.
I fall.

Eyes closed,
following in his wake.

He makes a path
for me into
desirable delectable
or delectable destruction.

I sink, under and under,
inside a paradox.

I become the dark residue of
the earth on a moonless night,
where the sky doesn’t exist.

And still I don’t think
I’m there yet.

I’m still holding stones
between my teeth

Grasping for the promise of-
something sinful, after-

-Tosha Michelle


75 thoughts on “Underground

  1. I love the duality in your lines. HELL! (no pun intended) even your choice of image, with the checkered floor is an artistic representation of your words.
    Brilliant piece.


  2. There are some people who love living in between everything, be it worlds, opinions or lives. Others like living a square life with everything neatly defined. Somehow I see this poem as some sort of a counter thesis to your poem Only One for some aspects. This is really a strong write. I loved it beautiful lady. xoxo πŸ™‚

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  3. Your words are alluring and I am drawn with each one, further and further down until I crave more. Beautiful poetry filled with stunning imagery. I love your command of language.

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      1. I hope the rest helps. Sleep is good. Your body needs it. I’m well. Preparing for a move here. Packing and taking the small stuff over to the new place. The official move happens a week from tomorrow when the movers come for the big stuff.

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  4. “Grasping for the promise of something sinful”…a dark poem with a devilish ending πŸ˜‰ Great Adam Lambert tune. I am pleasantly stuck in another generation of music but I always like him from American Idol. Looks like he is still creating amazing art.

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