I Should Just Go Home


On the streets, in restaurants, in stores,
I paint your face onto the faces of other men.
And withdraw my brush stroke
quick before the colors fade.
I’ve taught myself to soar
by running on acrylic fumes.
I fall over a stupid cliché,
in the name of aviation (obsession).
Even the metaphors shutter.
The poem and soul seek preservation.
Your face, the face of artistry,
is the face of all men.
I see you everywhere.
You’re what I see when what I see isn’t there.
Punishment? Retribution? Either or,
it’s enough, cries the synonym.

-Tosha Michelle


75 thoughts on “I Should Just Go Home

  1. Did you hear about Genesis P Porridge? He decided to get surgery to look and eventually turn into his girlfriend / wife! It was quite an extraordinary thing, I don’t think I would ever consider such a thing, but now that I do actually think about it, what a tribute!

    Happy V day sweetness, ❤ oh, and can I just ask you for some vital statistics concerning my latest art project??!!!

    XX ❤

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  2. Bonsoir MICHELLE Bonne St Valentin
    Vois-tu l’amitié est la plus belle des pensées avec l’amour
    Cet Amitié entre nous et un petit mot
    Qui veux dire tant de choses
    Mon petit passage pour te souhaiter
    une agréable soirée
    Je t’envoie une pluie de tendresse
    Sur un nuage de bisous parfumés
    Profite bien ,,, Bernard

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  3. Happy Valentine’s Day, my good friend!

    I LOVE this.:) There’s something profound and somewhat troubling (and it happens to the best of us,) about seeing the face of your special someone everywhere, you know?

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