Please say you are lingerie
I can put on tonight,
the black garters
sexed, sleek, ignitable.

Say you are the red dress
I’ll slip into, the lining made
of paradise or the suede stilettos
cradling my feet, the straps
caressing my shins.

Say you’re my favorite purse
perched on the bed or the bookmark,
lovingly tucked inside
the pages of the latest
Sylvain Reynard
book resting on the nightstand.

Say you’re the sound of
Chet Baker’s voice
“sweet talking the void”
on vinyl, as I dance around
the room.

Say you are the blaze
of the moon, slipping
through the trees
peeking in the open window.

Say you are the air
suffused with the
sweet scent of magnolias
blossoming, petals opening
before they come undone.

Say you are the love revisions
being edited in bold font,
mating consonants
inside my head.

Say you are the backward
heat of my thoughts.
My body’s annunciation.

Say I’m the siren song
that will always call to
you, the music that will
never fade into the hollow
of the years.

Say you are the framed
photograph on the dresser,
the holy spirit of a
yellow tulip, say lace,
say wine, say peach,
say anything.

-Tosha Michelle


61 thoughts on “Anything

  1. Well written. Beautiful and expressive. I could actually smell the magnolias blossoming.
    And thanks for the introduction to Chet. Wow! I’m on a ear feast. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. This was so beautiful Tosha and depicts so perfectly that madness that seizes one’s mind and heart when one is in love and anything the other person says is good enough and would sound like heaven

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      1. Welcome and thank you Tosha. Geetha is derived from Bhagavat Gita (my name was originally written Gita and then bureaucracy kicked in) which is the sacred text of the Hindus. It means a kind of ode and Bhagavat Gita means Ode to the Divine.

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  3. When I read this, I felt I was in the room and I saw each object. The window was open and I could smell the waft of blossoms outside as the breeze blew in. Then I saw the frame on your dresser.

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  4. Superb poem, totally captivated my thoughts. Youโ€™re always so clever and creative with your words, making your poetry work a delight to read. Favorite stanzas 5th and 8th, favorite line, โ€œsay anythingโ€!

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  5. Great poem and great song (by two great songwriters, Frank Loesser and Jimmy McHugh). Chet Baker’s vocal sounds a lot like the great Mel Tormรฉ. In fact, everything’s great except my grating overuse of “great.” ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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