I’m dreaming a hole

or maybe it’s a whole

right into the heart of you.

Straight into that place

I use to reside,

even though the windows

were always too high to see up,

and the room constantly had a draft.

I have this incurable yearning

to lease my little corner of

chaos in the after notes

of your left ventricle again.

I guess I’ve always been

one to believe in interior spaces

others don’t perceive.

-Tosha Michelle

And lately its been…


79 thoughts on “Murmur

      1. Yeah, that’s exactly it. I write the darkness so I can live in the light. I do have my moments of brooding and temperament, but as I get older, I’ve learned to channel the darkness in a healthier way. I think you and I are similar in a lot of ways.

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      1. I appreciate that a writer as good as yourself appreciating me liking your material and that you like mine. Which is hard as I switch up a lot. 🙂

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  1. Bonjour Michelle
    Ton amitié est importante pour moi
    Je me sens moins seul
    Tes petits messages chez moi
    C’est comme la flamme d’un feu de bois
    J’en éprouve de la joie
    Avec ces petits mots
    Je te souhaite une belle semaine à venir
    Du bonheur dans ta demeure
    Bises, Amitié, Bernard


  2. You do know you write very good, but is it only me or what? Cause I have to re read your poems twice or three times to try to figure out what exactly is about, I can think of one, two or even three things of what is about. Or I could be a dummy wich is quite credible, so I go to the comments to see if one of those people enlightens me about the beautiful thing I read that I don´t comprehend fully. Makes sense?

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      1. Good, we can do a “student” exchange, you stay here with the socialist and out of work and I´ll be back in the U.S of A.
        If they ask what type of student exchange type of visa it would be called “cross cultures”

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      2. I’m in. Or we could do a Freaky Friday thing. That only makes sense if you seen the movie. Go to my latest blog and follow the wackadoo. He’ll follow back I’m sure. You two are bound to like each other.


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