I eat sadness like bread.
It’s an aesthetic choice.

It inspires the creative thoughts
inside my head

I look for the crack,
the draft, the spider on the wall.

I walk out into winter
with just my nightgown on.

I leave crumbs to return back
the way I came.
There’ll be time enough to reclaim the green.

I find words in the clouds
I scribble notes underneath my bones.

I walk barefoot on white
spruce cones.

I shake the beehive to
stir the nest.

I beg the wind to pull my

As day turns to night. I find
truth in the demarcation of
the dark.

I go down to the icy river.
I plunge in.

I baptize myself in Sexton
and Plath.

I float like a spirit above my life.
Then I descend into pen and paper
I write my riddle of release

Reincarnated. Articulating
my way out of the ghost.
I reattach myself line by line.

Poetry and lavender
grow in rocky soil.

I touch both with my

Shells full of thunder,
falling from my fingertips

-Tosha Michelle

See you on Sunday. x


106 thoughts on “Andromeda

  1. Tosha, wow, I love this! So much raw emotion, I can feel the pull on my chest. I often think that I’m the only one that would intentionally walk on “white spruce cones” or “shake the beehive”. You’ve got my mind spinning counterclockwise in such a fabulous way! Truly wonderful writing! So looking forward to Sunday, in the meantime enjoy the rest of your week!

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  2. Brilliantly written! Sadness is one of the states of mind from which I garner the most poetry so this piece speaks to me. I love the allusion to Hansel and Gretel and the references to Plath and Sexton. Great work, Tosha!

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      1. Me too! To both of your points. I’ve been meaning to get a quote of that show on my blog, but I don’t remember any standing out. I’m glad Sia has achieved more acclaim. I also really like her song My Love too.

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  3. Tosha! This is so absolutely wonderful. Some of those stanza, MOST of those stanzas, are brimming with brilliant observations. I agree, I find that some of my best pieces stem from Sadness. It is a powerful emotion and something everyone can relate to. There are people who have never been in love…but I don’t know anyone who has never been sad about something.
    You’re amazing, Poetess. I am so glad I met you. ❤

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  4. Now I know your secret — finding “words in the clouds” and shaking “the beehive to stir the nest” … No wonder your words are so powerful! Have a great weekend, Tosha!

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  5. Bonjour
    Un regard, un sourire et une main
    Chaleureuse sur l’épaule
    Valent mieux qu’un million
    De mots ou de phrases
    Ce que sent le cœur est plus profond
    Que ce qu’entends l’oreille
    Je te remercie d’être là par ton amitié
    Je te souhaite une belle fin de semaine
    Un agréable week-end
    Avec de la joie et du bonheur au sein de ta demeure
    Bises, amitié
    Ce jour chez moi quelques flocons de neige sans plus

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    1. Thank you. I started writing poetry as a child. Both my parents are extremely creative, and instilled in me a love for books and writing. I ventured away from poetry for many years. I found myself writing other things and focusing on academics and then a family. I came back to poetry around five years ago. I don’t know how good I am at it, but I do know it is good for me. 😉

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I appreciate you reading and commenting.

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      1. That’s awesome. It’s funny how we come back to the things that we were really passionate about in our youth. It’s been a similar experience for me with writing. Kudos to your parents for instilling that love for books and writing in you.

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      2. Very possible. It seems like when we hit our early 20s we think we have to stop doing the things that brought us enjoyment and that we seemed to have a natural inclination towards. Then it takes us some time to reawaken them.

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  6. Hi Tosha…Wonderful! Love this—“I leave crumbs to return back
    the way I came. There’ll be time enough to reclaim the green.” Thanks for sharing. You are—Creative Spirit…Wishing you days of Peace and of Love…Phil

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  7. If I had your talent to express my thoughts, these are the words that would flow to the keyboard. “I shake the beehive to stir the nest” and all the thoughts around the experiencing the edges of moments or scales to experience life’s passion. Wonderful post, Tosha! 🙂

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