The Days Come Forward.


Remember when we thought we ruled the day?
The sun looked upon us with untold knowledge.
That was the year, we discovered Tennyson.
We thought to ourselves it will never be too late
to find a better world.

Little did we know then,
We were at the center of a wasteland.
Then, we were still unmapped by scars.
We had no use for a lingering ache in our souls.
We were too busy staring at whitewashed walls.
Words threaded into lilting tunes in a pristine language.
That was before the earth answered us in a sigh;
a moan. Before the fire in our bellies became compressed.

These days we drink tea in a fog.
We serve our time among monotony.
The walls have become a silhouette of shadows.
We sing a halting refrain.
Struggling in a garden where nothing stirs.
The leaves have lost their luster, or there are no leaves left.
We pray for love, for mercy, to see the lone bird lifted.
Watching as daylight weaves evening.
The tree steeped in twilight.
We try desperately to unravel
the thread.

-Tosha Michelle


42 thoughts on “The Days Come Forward.

  1. Lovely write with really powerful images Tosha. I loved most of it but particularly the raw though muted despair in “We serve our time among monotony”. Probably one of the worst fears of anyone who has a poetic and exalted inclination

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    1. Thank you. It’s one of my greatest fears for certain. Thankfully, the feelings expressed in this poem never linger long. I believe our best days can be ahead . Especially, as we start to see the world as it is, minus the blinders that we sometimes wore in our early days.

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  2. Hi Tosha, Happy New Year, I really loved this piece, and unfortunately how true it is too; how we do seem to move apart after the first robust flickering of love. i loved the video as well, I have never heard of these guise, but I really liked them, and the other song that came in the comments, but preferred yours. Thanks for following my blog, reading and liking my poems, best wishes and blessings, Charles. πŸ™‚

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