Life Study of a Rose.


Sometimes we need to look
beyond the self to see the
the cartography of light
glimmering on floor.

The rose petals and their lovely disarray.

The glean of splendor.
A seductive mediation.

We think we know so much
We don’t see the petals wilting, like Clytia
our faces turned toward a misconceived heaven.

We don’t notice the air stale
with regret, the glass candles
snuffed out by the sludge of

The roses stripped, bone stick discarded.
Silk once so kissable, now unbearable.

Paradise spent, like two
lover after love before one
falls away.

-Tosha Michelle


71 thoughts on “Life Study of a Rose.

      1. I’m a bit crap at reading other peep’s work and will definitely pop around yours more often. So full of life. Fanks for sharing.

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      1. Ditto. You just when the night will be lonnnnng. And tonight will be so. I look at it differently these days and just work on the book I’m editing.
        I hope tonight is good for you.

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      2. It really is. Well on that wholesome note, I will bother you no more, as you need to be fit and well to carry on your amazing work for us lesser mortals to try their best to reproduce.
        Night new friend.

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  1. I can’t ever recall being called that before. I will meditate wholeheartedly on my hootieness.
    I hope sleep finds you with gentle palms and fingers that massage away your ailments. Night. Xx

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  2. This is one of the most beautifully crafted poems I’ve ever read… You have such a great observation power along with creativity… And I love Lana! 🙂 Everything put together… the song, image and the poem works great

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  3. A beautiful read, Tosha. Several times I read it without any loss of the original light of this piece. Several of your lines really danced for me. What I took away as a reader was a feeling of looking beyond an illusory, almost plastic vision of glory we conceive for ourselves to put a foot back in the real world, where we notice with our presence the pains and pitfalls of life truly lived amongst mortals, and not lost, per se, in the clouds… I liked it a lot.


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  4. This poem is what I should have read last night 🙂 A perfect closure to the year. “The roses stripped, bone stick discarded. Silk once so kissable, now unbearable.” may be the best description of the year for me. Wishing you nothing but smiles and happiness in ’16.

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