You Know Who You Are


I thought I’d post something lighthearted for a change. Don’t get use to it. πŸ™‚

You Know Who You Are.
by Tosha Michelle

You who carry sunshine in
your hair, the sky in your hands,
and blueberry pie in your eyes

You who knows all the words
to every Chet Baker song.

Why don’t you come by my record shop?
I’ll teach you the percussive du wop

Come unearth my city plot.
Right my upside down heart
with the lilt of your melodic

Stain my soul with your graceful hands.

Sing me your red velvet tune
with not one note of sorrow.

Scrawl on my tongue
your heart song.
I’ll sing along.

Make music to a woman
not so young, but not yet old.
My mind a score of hunger.
Patterns of passion across
my face.

Don’t be afraid to improvise
summer nights composed of
bodies and sway.
Wingtip and rosehip.
We’ll create our
own tune.

The tenor sax takes the lead.
It sounds like desire,
like it won’t ever stop.

Let’s crack the night with needle and groove.
Two lovers infusing the dark with rhythm and spark.


93 thoughts on “You Know Who You Are

  1. We won’t get used to “lighthearted” but you can go there anytime you’d like and it would be liked! Happy New Year Tosha. Great to find your site in 2015!

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  2. I’m going to start posting the word beautiful in different languages. At least then my comments won’t sound like a broken record. Can’t you write something that is utter crap? Lol. Great esoteric imagery

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    1. You are too kind. I’m willing to bet there are more than a few people you think everything I write is utter crap. Art is so subjective. Clearly, you have excellent taste. πŸ™‚ I hope you’re having a lovely day. I truly appreciate you commenting and reading.

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      1. You? Write utter crap? Surely, you jest! You know I love you and wish you nothing but the best. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you, Tosha, and certainly a highlight of 2015 for me. I look forward to seeing what next year has in store for you. ((((Big Hugs))))

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  3. Hey, Tosha! Hope you had a wonderful holiday (I’m happy it’s over! LOL), and wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year! This is a lovely poem — and I certainly don’t mind the darker material, but I know what you mean about “lighthearted” — I’m trying to venture that way myself (might last all of a couple hours with me). πŸ™‚ Anyway, enjoy these last few days of 2015 — and then onward to 2016!

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      1. Oh, Tosha, I’m so sorry you didn’t feel well … Hope you’re feeling much better now! Relax, take care of yourself, and have a wonderful New Year. I’ll be posting randomly, here and there — a few now, a little break, a few later! Glad to get back to reading your posts! πŸ™‚

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  4. As you probably know, “Alone Together” is a classic from the “Golden Age” of popular music; thank you for Chet Baker’s fine instrumental rendition. I thought you might to hear like the great Ella Fitzgerald’s vocal version as sung in 1962, 30 years after the song was written:

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  5. To Be Human

    is to fall in love over and over,
    to never give up on any of them,
    to cry for the inhumanity, and try to
    overcome all that surrounds us by creating
    a closeness with those in proximity, both
    geographical and philosophical. It is to
    carry those loves in our heart, flooding our
    minds no matter how gone they are. And
    to put others’ needs first, understand their
    flaws, work on our own so we can be
    better helpers. It is to take it all in and
    follow our dreams no matter how preposterous;
    to pull apart another brown paper bag and
    to write it all out, no matter how choppy.
    So take my hand and make it all better
    before I repeat the painful parts until
    I can no longer act. To struggle past
    obstructions and obligations, self imposed and
    expected; to wallow in joy, build strength and
    change what we can for the better. To give.

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  6. Now or Never

    A turtle flies through the universe.
    We ride on the back of the turtle.
    The Undergods dwell in Canandaigua,

    The Overgods look down from clouds.
    Even if we’re 300 moons away from
    When this mattered, most of our lives

    Are touched by one holy inspiration: nature.
    Cosmic coincidence should not amaze here.
    You are in the middle of the new awareness.

    Black rocks spin and dive in deep water.
    A four-year-old runs then swims.
    Relaxed willow provides humid shelter.

    You peek under the giant grass skirt
    And see four tangled feet. You don’t peek further.
    Gray locusts send twirling twigs to hair.

    You swim out to a cooler spot of deep water.
    The white snake, awake again,
    Leaves Bare Hill, not reeking havoc

    But cutting new creeks to hike along,
    Full of crawdads and water spiders.
    You retrace ancient steps. You sneak

    Through the old neighborhood, now trespassing.
    Four tangled feet, a few skipping stones
    And the spirit within you.

    Now awareness reigns. Corn presents
    A raw treat for passing minstrels. Nothing
    Talked about or noticed matters.

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