What Does a Poet Know of Desire?


The poet writes of desire
in a notebook of fortification.
Her pages dampen by the demanding ink,
the way words lap and swirl
at her mind’s core.
Her notebook, becomes her confessional.
The lines read of yearning.
Inhibition slips from her shoulders.
She disrobes her longing in syntax.
Language becomes guttural
and primal.

The blue lines become taunt with her desperate handwriting, converted half truths, and lies of the imagination.
Letters griping letters in a frenzied tilting
of a restless hand.
Wishing language could become solid
and have the certainty of flesh.
The poet writes on, in hopes of luring
the phantom lover off the paper.
Hoping art will plunge hard into life,
into tender hours, sinful Sundays,
and the softer side of midnight.

-Tosha Michelle

This will be my last post until next week. Happy Holidays. I wish you peace and happiness.


59 thoughts on “What Does a Poet Know of Desire?

  1. I like the early morning (3:00 am) read on your blog, these poetic lines, always beautifully embellished with particularly well chosen images. I salute here the artist with a hat down “Hi artist”

    Un clin dโ€™ล“il de Provence !

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  2. Beautiful write Tosha. It reminded me of the image of the woman embracing and being embraced by the “paper lover” ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a wonderful Xmas break and lots of love and light to you. Blessed be

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  3. Dear Tosha Michelle, I have enjoyed getting to know you a bit (via blog). You do have a poetic expressive heart and I hope you know and believe that your art can plunge into real life. May your holiday be filled with love

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