Sticky Clouds


The ones I love,
and have been
blessed to keep,
are sleeping
as night’s low
pitch hums slowly

I walk along the lake
with only the birds
to keep me company.
The clouds sticky,
but devoid
of cotton candy,
offer no sweetness.
I move through stony colors,
a stillness in my

The water churns,
dark froth travels
in its wake.
I cry for some
inexplicable reason.

Through my tears,
I stare out into
the silence,
and think of those
who make me the happiest.
And then I wonder
about those
who have come
and gone.
The ones I have lost,
lost loves, lost friends,
a litany of history.

Memories reclaim
me for a moment.
Has life carried
them where they
want to be?
Does the dusty world
ever taunt them, too?
Do they ever
wonder why time
offers no explanation
for grief and regret?
Do they ever weep
because whatever
we’re made of,
we can never alter
the ticking clock’s

I hope that there’s
a table set somewhere
for them, and morning kisses
to greet them.

The past opens quickly,
but recedes just as

I pick a dying
wild flower from its
sidewalk home,
just as a boat
heads off into the gray,
brushed stroke
of the mist.
A lone crow
plummets toward it,
like granite.
The first faint orange
spot appears in the

Lifting my chin to the sun,
to brightness.
I discard the unbreathable,
dizzy smell of nostalgia.

I bathe in the now,
and wash my soul
in today’s syllables

Thankful for what was,
but even more grateful
for those who await
me at home.
I know without them,
the air would taste
like nothingness.

Standing on the bridge
in the space between
yesterday and today.
I walk back toward
the scent of nectar,
of happiness
Eating up the sunshine
while I still can.

-Tosha Michelle

My cover of “Night Changes”


32 thoughts on “Sticky Clouds

  1. “Eating up the sunshine while I still can.” I had a co-worker who when greeted each morning and asked how he was doing always said…”I’m breathing.” Indeed, each day we’re given is one more day to go eat up some more of that sunshine! And that in itself is a blessing worth praising. Enjoyed the cover also!

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      1. I’ve written a number of songs about wondering about girlfriends past, so it’s definitely a recurring theme with me. I liked Gordon Lightfoot’s song Carefree Highway, as his lyrics are spot on:

        Picking up the pieces of my sweet shattered dream
        I wonder how the old folks are tonight
        Her name was Ann and I’ll be damned if I recall her face
        She left me not knowing what to do

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  2. jacobemet

    I’ve given it several posts, just to make certain, but my conclusion is this: You’re a really good writer.
    (I’m often polite, but my intent is not to flatter you in any way)
    You’re style is so thoughtful and inclusive of the mind’s deviations, yet clear, succinct, and simple. It’s superb.

    I’d like to ask: where did the line ” I hope that there’s a table set somewhere for them” Come from? I’d really like an insight, if I might ask.

    Second, and I hope I don’t offend, but I believe “make” at the end of the fifth grouping should be “made”.

    (I only critique writing I enjoy. I hope you don’t mind my forwardness.)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. jacobemet

        Your slight mistake is easily overlooked due to the substance and quality of your content.
        Btw, the sword swings both ways and is double-edged.
        I did, however, wonder if I should comment at all. “Lost in a sea of words.”

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I appreciate you catching it. I’m sorry I got snippy with you a couple of days ago. I promise I am not a pretentious bitch. I just play one on occasion. Ha. Hope you’ve had a great weekend.


      3. I am a scatter brain The last part of that comment wasn’t meant for you. I’m currently out and trying to multitask from my cell phone. This is never a good idea. πŸ˜‰ I really appreciate you reading my work. I’m very glad you like it.

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      4. jacobemet

        A paradox. Eh, most writer’s have quirks of some kind. (Let’s not get into mine)
        As for the last part of your previous comment, it’s been disregarded. (Especially since I have no idea what or when you’re referencing)
        As to the first, you’re welcome. And it won’t be a habit, so don’t expect it to be so.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Quirks make us interesting. I get accused of being weird a lot. I take it as a compliment. I look forward to exploring your blog. It’s always nice to connect with other writers. I love how supportive everyone is on WordPress.

        Liked by 1 person

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