For you, I slip off my
insecurities and step
out of my nerves.

I remove my doubts and
set them on the nightstand.

I unhook my inhibitions.
Spread my desire out
upon the bed.

You dissolve in me
like a pill, a remedy
in water. Spilling your
lightening into me.
in an explosion
that removes the
numbness in me.
The spear in my
heart- dislodged.


Finally adding a comma
to my life, I pause.

My soul silhouette
comes out from
behind the shade
My spirit untangles

For you, I am finally bare.

-Tosha Michelle

And on a totally unrelated song note.

52 thoughts on “Bare

      1. No. I don’t have a blog. I enjoy writing but my creativity goes down a different road these days.

        Honestly, your poetry is sublime….it is I who appreciate what you do so no need to thank me for reading it! Enjoy the weekend!


      1. that’s sweet…but they’re actually my son’s nerd costume glasses. i thought they made a good disguise. 😜


  1. So difficult to be truly laid bare for another to see. Vulnerable on so many levels, that it sometimes never happens. It was beautiful, Tosha. And I think that you should cover that song. It’s beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely as per your ususal, Tosha. Love the imagery and word play here. Say, thought I’d tell you that I’m taking a little “hiatus” for a few days to “re-tool” my blog. I’m thinking about making some changes (maybe I will, maybe I won’t :)), but I’ll be back — I’m not giving up the ship … yet!!! LOL Meanwhile, I’ll keep reading your posts and commenting. Have a great evening, 😉


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