For you, I slip off my
insecurities and step
out of my nerves.

I remove my doubts and
set them on the nightstand.

I unhook my inhibitions.
Spread my desire out
upon the bed.

You dissolve in me
like a pill, a remedy
in water. Spilling your
lightening into me.
in an explosion
that removes the
numbness in me.
The spear in my
heart- dislodged.


Finally adding a comma
to my life, I pause.

My soul silhouette
comes out from
behind the shade
My spirit untangles

For you, I am finally bare.

-Tosha Michelle

And on a totally unrelated song note.


52 thoughts on “Bare

      1. You can’t be perfect. You can only be YOU, bruises and all. Life’s harsh realities make you stronger, and form the person you’re to become.


      1. No. I don’t have a blog. I enjoy writing but my creativity goes down a different road these days.

        Honestly, your poetry is sublime….it is I who appreciate what you do so no need to thank me for reading it! Enjoy the weekend!


      1. that’s sweet…but they’re actually my son’s nerd costume glasses. i thought they made a good disguise. 😜


  1. So difficult to be truly laid bare for another to see. Vulnerable on so many levels, that it sometimes never happens. It was beautiful, Tosha. And I think that you should cover that song. It’s beautiful.

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  2. Lovely as per your ususal, Tosha. Love the imagery and word play here. Say, thought I’d tell you that I’m taking a little “hiatus” for a few days to “re-tool” my blog. I’m thinking about making some changes (maybe I will, maybe I won’t :)), but I’ll be back — I’m not giving up the ship … yet!!! LOL Meanwhile, I’ll keep reading your posts and commenting. Have a great evening, 😉


  3. Speaking of “bare,” your writing is so raw, you let all your doubts, insecurities, hopes and fears out there, for your fans to read. That is incredibly brave, my friend!


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