The Good Girl Blues


Look at you always so good.
Miss. Prim and Properly
Obnoxious. You would never
tell anyone, but you secretly
long for a bottle of gin in
some dive joint. You admit
to yourself it would be more
fun than sitting in the
backyard, looking at the
pristine yard and tidy flower
garden. Don’t you want to
rip those flowers up? Roll
around in the yard, like a
pup. You are dog like,
always begging for love,
a constant need to be
petted. Happy with one
lousy treat whatever
jerk gives you, not
even caring he picked
it up off the dirty floor.

Come on put on something
see through and naughty
Grab those six inch heels.
Wink at the devil, swallow
down those inhibitions
Keep it sexy, like you
learned from your mama.

The words “he hurt me”
never to be uttered again.
You’re the alpha dog now.
Get up. Go.
Stop rolling over. Listen
I already hear those dogs
howling for you. Soon, they
won’t shut up.


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