Tell me about you, about
your life, your romances,
your regrets. I’m sick of
talking about me. I’m
tired of dragging my
losses around like a
little girl clinging to
her favorite blanket
I’m sending her to bed.

Tonight, I want to dance,
with you, and get drunk
on tomorrow’s promises.
Right now though, I’m
going to sit here and
listen. Tell me about
your fears, the boy
inside of you. How
the little demon
keeps you up at night,
how he taunts you
with your regrets,
you failures, your lost
loves. How sometimes
you just want to smother
him with his stupid
blanket, so your mind
can get some rest, so
your heart can know

Hold me close as we
talk. I like the way my
head feels on your
shoulder, how our
hands fit together.
Let’s fool ourselves
and pretend that our
little demon children
aren’t banging on the
door, that they aren’t
peeping through the

Should we risk a kiss?
Do we dare?
Hurry, before they get
in. Their giggles are
closer now. It won’t
be long until all we feel
is the tugging of our
coattails, and the only
sound left is their
shrieks of delight.


23 thoughts on “Baggage

  1. Is there anything as heart warming than to have someone ask you to discuss your past? Your baggage? It brings me feelings of the repartee of new love. It was wonderful, Tosha!

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      1. I listened to it and loved it. Do you play piano and sing at the same time? Or do you lay down separate tracks for it?


      2. So true. To that end, when I’m happy in life, I can’t write a thing. Everything comes out trite. When there’s negative emotion, I tend to write to the best of my ability. Not implying there’s ability, but relatively speaking. πŸ™‚


      3. I tend to be the same way. Of course, I’m melancholy at heart. I mask it under the guise of perkiness and humor. My maudlin spirit comes out in my poetry.

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      4. Ahhh, I like that term. I’ve had dalliances with my own maudlin spirit, and it manifests itself through my lyrics.


      5. I’d love to share my technique, if it’s a technique at all. Here’s a song I’ve written while in one of those dark places. I wrote it on acoustic guitar, then had my brother transpose it to piano. I’m playing bass and synths, my brother on piano, and my friend on vocals. I wrote the chord progression first, used syllables in lieu of words, then replaced the syllables with words.

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      6. This is gorgeous. I adore your brother’s voice.. It’s very soothing, The lyrics are lovely and sad. Tears. The music is exceptional.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Thanks, Tosha! I appreciate it. My brother is on piano, and Dee is the singer in a cover band I’m in. She has a low voice, though. πŸ˜€ I’m humbled by your kind words, Tosha.


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