Wrecked Head.

Wrecked Head.
by Tosha Michelle.

Some days I am lucid and full of wisdom
But then there are those days when my mind
Is invaded by hoarders, the clutter
Littering my brain
In these times, I am at lost as to where to begin
There’s no filtering my thoughts.
My mind is in overdrive.
Like a hyper active teen strung out on meth.
My eyes glazed over, lost in a surreal dream.
A million thoughts float around me.
I try to grasp just one.
But they’re are elusive,
Just beyond my reach.
All I can do is wait.
For gravity and clarity to kick back in.





Lost in an endless wasteland of insipidness.

Not knowing who to trust.

Groping around in the darkness.

Seeking light and renewal.

Lost with no direction.

With no compass to guide me.

Lost in my thoughts,

A labyrinth of confusion

Lost in the past, with an uncertain future

What will be my path?

Lost in worry, endless drifting.

With so many decisions still left to be made.

Lost yet not forgotten

Hope‘s flame still burns.

Knowing somehow, someday, the tables will turn.