Skin Soaked Madness

I know it may sound cliche.
But kiss me in the pouring rain.
Draw me near, my dear.
Whisper my name.
As a divine revelation..
Push me up against the wall
Hands in my hair.
Lips and bodies entwined.
As our hearts beat faster.
The pheromones between us
Stealing our air.
Fervor kisses in the rain.
Connecting the place where
Desire and hope meet.
Sending a message from fingertips
To toes, and straight to our souls.
Droplets falling faster.
As we become enraptured.
Stardust kissed illuminations..
Spirits soaring wild and free.
Getting drenched in skin soaked madness.
Basking in the cloud’s teardrops.
Tenderness and passion raining down.

-Tosha Michelle

ink-drawing-art-love-kiss-kissing-in-the-rain.jpg w=540


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